Chris K. Ferens, E.I.T.
Staff Engineer


Mr. Ferens has six years’ experience as an engineering technician. He joined Hydro Geo Chem, Inc. in 2020 as a Staff Engineer. His academic research focused largely on an alternative method to dispose of waste containing hydrofluoric acid at the University of Arizona. His master’s thesis involved the evaluation of two adsorbents for removal of ethanol from a dilute air stream. Mr. Ferens additionally developed a pilot-scale air scrubber system, currently used for undergraduate lab classes.


-M.S. Chemical Engineering, University of Arizona, 2019
-B.S. Chemical Engineering, University of Arizona, 2013


Engineer in Training, 2015
OSHA 40-Hour HAZWOPER, 2020
Safety in the Chemical Process Industries (SACHE) Certification, 2012

Project Experience

• Former Winslow Welding Site, Winslow, Arizona: Installation of a soil vapor extraction (SVE) remediation system, including plumbing, electrical, knock out tank, control panel and remote monitoring operation, for an ADEQ corrective action petroleum hydrocarbon LUST site. Collection and interpretation of operations, maintenance and monitoring data. Preparation of an interim report.

• 7th St & Arizona Ave WQARF Site, Tucson, Arizona: Installation of a soil vapor extraction (SVE) remediation system, including plumbing, electrical, knock out tank, control panel and remote monitoring operation.

• Hwy 260 & Main WQARF Site, Cottonwood, Arizona: Involved with a wellhead carbon treatment system installation. Included groundwater sampling.

• Dolly Madison CA LUST Site, Tucson, Arizona: SVE/air injection with thermal catalytic oxidizer treatment O&M. Water level monitoring and groundwater sampling.

Previous Experience

• Engineering Data Consultant - Allen Analytics, LLC., Tucson, Arizona: Consultant engineer and data analyst for commercial research dealing with pollution control technology for some of the largest coal-fired power plants in operation in the United States; evaluated efficacy of pollution control technologies for flue gas and wastewater by analyzing time-series operational process data and analytical chemistry data; introduced company and clients to various aspects of water chemistry including aqueous speciation; developed and expanded computer programs that increased the company’s abilities and capacity such as programs that could read chemical formulas (e.g. CaSO4), convert concentration units, and automate aquatic speciation from analytical data using MATLAB and PHREEQC; assessed and quantified wastewater flows across entire plants for various projects that ranged 1-6 years of minute-scale power plant and meteorology data; co-authored papers for MEGA 2016, MEGA 2018, and IWC 2018.

• Project Engineer/Technician - SunDanzer Refrigeration, Inc., Tucson, Arizona: Temporary technical lead on multiple projects for a small company that specializes in energy-efficient DC-powered refrigeration for off-grid applications; helped lead the process of design, testing, and production of custom units shipped internationally for field-testing for PepsiCo; provided technical and engineering support to project managers and clients; set up and operated data acquisition systems; assisted with various production and project needs.

• Metallurgist Intern - Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold, Inc., Green Valley, Arizona: Full-time summer internship in the Hydromet department of the Sierrita Mine; worked on multiple projects to improve aspects of the hydrometallurgical processes; put together and presented technical data reports; wrote VBA code to further automate spreadsheet applications.

• Laboratory Technician - Mountain States R&D Int., Inc., Vail, Arizona: Full-time metallurgical lab tech; maintained column-leaching projects; adjusted acid concentration of raffinate, adjusted flow rates, collected and assayed PLS samples, and entered data into spreadsheets; other various duties such as sample preparations.


IWC. 2018. Plant-Scale Mass Balance to Determine the Effect of Flue Gas Additives on Trace Metals in FGD Wastewater and Solids

MEGA. 2018. Operational Water Balances for a Coal-Fired Power Plant with FGDs and Wastewater Recycling

MEGA. 2016. Contribution of Startup and Shutdown Events to 30-Day Mercury Emission Averages

MEGA. 2016. Effluent Trace Metals Survey and Related Plant Operations at 18 Flagship FGD Units


American Chemical Society Member
Student Member of American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AICHE)



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