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Gabe E. McGowan, G.I.T.


Mr. McGowan joined Hydro Geo Chem, Inc. in 2013 as a Staff Hydrologist. He has experience in artificial recharge projects, surface and groundwater sample collection and QA/QC, pressure transducer installation and data logging, water level measurements, well drilling oversight and lithologic logging, aquifer test analysis, and preparation of technical reports. He also has extensive experience working in field settings.




-M.S. Environmental Sciences and Engineering, University of North Carolina, 2012
-B.S. Environmental Sciences, University of North Carolina, 2011


G.I.T., National Association of State Boards of Geology, 2014
OSHA 40 Hour HAZWOPER Training, 2014

Representative Experience

Former Whiting Brothers No. 23 LUST Site: Hydrologist—research, data compilation and analysis, and writing of summary report for site characterization and remedial system pilot testing.

City of Winslow Public Works Yard LUST Site: Hydrologist—research, data compilation and analysis, and writing of groundwater monitoring report. Energy Fuels Resources, Inc.

White Mesa Uranium Mill: Hydrologist—provided technical support for hydrogeologic report and corrective action plan reports.

7th Street and Arizona Avenue WQARF Site: Hydrologist—research and writing contributions to Remedial Investigation Feasibility Study.

Cooper and Commerce WQARF Site: Hydrologist—research, data compilation and analysis, and writing contributions to Remedial Investigation Report; collected data and samples during groundwater monitoring events.

Central and Camelback WQARF Site: Hydrologist—research, data compilation and analysis, and writing contributions to Remedial Investigation Report.

South Yuma County Landfill: Hydrologist—provided GIS technical support.

7th Street and Missouri Avnue WQARF Site: Hydrologist—provided GIS technical support.

Stone Canyon Golf Course, Phase I Environmental Site Assessment: Hydrologist—research, data compilation, and writing of Phase I ESA.

North Canal Plume, West Central Phoenix WQARF Site: Hydrologist—compilation of data for Risk Assessment and Remedial Investigation Reports.

Prior Experience

HydroSystems, Inc., Phoenix, Arizona: Hydrologist - Lead all water quality-related project tasks, ensured sample and data QA/QC, and served as liaison to analytical laboratory; wrote technical documents including Underground Storage Facility and Aquifer Protection Permit reports and well completion reports; and conducted field work in support of various hydrogeologic applications, including: aquifer testing, groundwater monitoring, monitor well drilling and development oversight and lithologic logging, vadose zone recharge wells, and geophysical survey (CSAMT) field support.

Resource 100 Ltd, Columbus, Ohio: Field Technician - Coordinated and conducted waste audits at Phoenix, Arizona Bank of America locations in support of waste reduction initiatives; wrote and submitted reports detailing audit results for each of 8 locations audited.


Whalen, S.C., D.D. Lofton, G.E. McGowan, and A.J. Strohm. “Microphytobenthos in shallow Arctic Lakes: Fine Scale depth distribution of chlorophyll a, radiocarbon assimilation, irradiance, and dissolved O2.” Arctic, Antarctic, and Alpine Research. 2013.

In review: Bretz, K. and S.C. Whalen. “Methane Cycling Dynamics in Sediments of Alaskan Arctic Foothill Lakes.” (Acknowledged contributor).

In review: McGowan, G.E. and S.C. Whalen. “Sediment Production and Water Column Oxidation of Methane in Alaskan Arctic Lakes."


“Quantifying Methane Cycling Dynamics in Alaskan Arctic Lakes,” Poster Session, 9th INTECOL International Wetlands Conference, Orlando, FL, June 2012.



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