Leah M. Wills, R.G.


Ms. Wills joined Hydro Geo Chem, Inc., as a Staff Professional and has over 5 years of professional experience in mining and environmental fields. Her duties have ranged from: groundwater, soil vapor, and injection well installations and constructions; UST removals; geophysical logging; environmental sampling (groundwater, soil, soil gas and landfill gas); and Phase I and II environmental site investigations for characterizations and due diligence purposes. Responsibilities include: accurate field and systems data collection; oversight of drilling activities using various drilling methods; oversight of various subcontractors and investigation activities at field sites; drafted technical sections of project communications, work plans, and reports site health and safety monitoring; environmental sampling in accordance with ADEQ, and/or other site specific requirements; use of manual and electrical field instruments and equipment; strenuous physical work conducted in extreme weather conditions requiring long hours and at times in remote locales with rugged landscapes that are difficult to access. She has obtained clearance to be on multiple high profile properties such as mine sites and government bases.


-B.S. (Geosciences) University of Arizona, 2011
-Lowell Short Course on Porphyry Deposits, University of Arizona – December 2011


Registered Professional Geologist, Arizona Registration No. 66300
OSHA 40 Hour HAZWOPER Training, 2013
MSHA 24 Hour Experienced Miner Training, 2011

Representative Experience

Field Geologist, Landfill Gas Monitoring, Multiple Sites, Arizona. 2014-2016: Conducted landfill gas monitoring as well as groundwater monitoring. Oversight of subcontractors drilling and installing gas monitoring probes as well as retrofitting existing gas monitoring probes.

Field Geologist, West Central Phoenix-North Canal Plume WQARF Site; Phoenix, Arizona. 2016: Duties included analyses of project documents, site maps, and diagrams; oversight of geoprobe drilling and soil gas sampling, and maintained detailed field logs.

Field Geologist, U.S. Air Force, Tucson, Arizona. 2014‑2015: Provided oversight for drilling, construction and installation of injection and groundwater monitoring wells using the sonic drilling method. Field activities include maintaining detailed lithologic descriptions and activity logs, providing oversight and documentation for multiple drill rigs and work sites to construct an injection-well grid for the purpose of fracturing an aquifer-impeding layer in an ongoing remediation project.

Field Geologist, Underground Storage Tank (UST) Removal, Multiple Sites, Arizona. 2015‑2016: Conducted confirmation soil borings and sampling; field oversight of subcontractors to excavate, expose , inert, and remove the USTs from selected sites, site health and safety, conducting appropriate subsurface sampling per Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) requirements, and preparing required ADEQ reporting documentation.

Field Geologist, Gila Compressor Station, Kinder Morgan, Arlington, Arizona, 2013 – 2015: Conducted annual groundwater sampling and monitoring via low flow methodology and dedicated pumps. Field activities included oversight of subcontractors conducting demolition activities of lined ponds and environmental soil sampling and confirmation sampling.

Field Geologist, Construction Oversight, Delta, Utah. 2015: Provided construction oversight for installation of multimillion dollar well and underground storage cavern. Managed inventory and delivery of materials and supplies. Coordinated well installation activities with drill crew and various subcontractors.

Field Geologist, Site Characterization Soil Sampling, Former Manganese Ore Site, McMullen Valley, Arizona. 2015: Oversight of 100+ soil borings and soil sampling with various methods including XRF analysis.

Field Geologist, Morenci Mining Operations, Morenci, Arizona. 2013-2014: Provided oversight for rehabilitation of several high-capacity groundwater production wells. Field activities included directing a drilling subcontractor during well cleaning and development operations with the goal of restoring unused, deep groundwater wells to a functioning level of production. Also provided oversight for ongoing pump and aquifer test in several new production water wells, maintained detailed logs of pump performance and groundwater data, and oversaw maintenance and installation of pumps and power supply.

Field Geologist, Groundwater Remediation, Municipal Vehicle Service Center Phoenix, Arizona. 2013 – 2016: Remediation of an estimated 400,000 gallon unleaded fuel underground storage tank (UST) system release impacting both soil and groundwater at a municipal vehicle service center. Responsibilities include groundwater monitoring and gauging in addition to conducting soil borings, soil sampling, and soil vapor sampling.

Field Geologist, Shell Oil Products, Multiple Sites Arizona. 2013 - 2015: Assist project manager with activities at retail petroleum sites in Arizona. Responsibilities include quarterly report writing, conducting quarterly groundwater sampling, soil boring investigations, and providing oversight of drilling and installation of monitoring wells.

Field Geologist, Groundwater Investigation in Fractured Rock, Colorado Plateau. 2013: Assist the project manager with ongoing groundwater investigation. Responsibilities include collection of water level data, semi-annual groundwater monitoring, and installation of groundwater monitoring wells. Activities also include preparation of groundwater contour maps, electronic boring logs, monitoring well installation reports, and groundwater monitoring reports.


ASARCO Mission Complex: Consulting Geologist. Supervised RC drilling program consisting of 28 holes (23,730 ft); communicated sample readiness with assay lab; logged RC samples and drill core processing (RQD, point load); coordinated building of drill sites, roads, and sumps and movement of drill rig with mine operations.

Silverbell Mining: Consulting Geologist. Managed and maintained drilling database with all incoming geologic data; supervised reverse circulation and core drilling rigs; drilled and logged 152 RC holes consisting of 37,010 feet; logged RC samples and drill core processing (splitting, RQD, specific gravity, point load, drill core photos); coordinated building and reclamation of roads, drill sites, and sumps with mine operations.



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