Modeling Projects

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Transient Capture Zone Modeling of VOC Migration in Alluvial Aquifer. Kent Washington (Confidential Client).

Saturated - Unsaturated Transient Flow and Transport Model of Migration of Flue Gas Desulfurization Water From Pond. Confidential Client (Power Plant).

Mine Dewatering Analysis - Flow and transport for design of brine plume containment. Confidential Client (Trona Mine).

Flow and Transport Simulations of Leakage from Decant Pond, Power Plant. Kemmerer, Wyoming. (Confidential Client).

Transient Flow and Transport Model of Migration from Industrial Waste Landfill. Livermore California (Confidential Client).

Interstate 105 Optimal Dewatering Model. Flow Model of Los Angeles Aquifer including 3-mile section of Interstate 105 to evaluate optimal dewatering strategies. Caltrans.

MODFLOW model of transient unconfined capture wellfield. Industrial Client.

Unsaturated - Saturated Transport Model of VOC Migration above and within water table utilizing SVE. Industry, California (Confidential Client).

Flow and Transport Analysis from Uranium Processing Facility. Blanding Utah (Confidential Client).

San Juan Basin Jurassic Aquifer Flow Model of Uranium Mine Dewatering.

Mixing Cell Model of Canadian River in New Mexico and Texas to Evaluate Optimal Brine Influent Management and Reduction Strategies. USBR.

Roswell Basin Permian Aquifer Groundwater Flow Model of Irrigation Developments.

Flow and Transport Testing and Simulation of Tracer Moevment in Dolomite. Sandia National Laboratories, WIPP Site.

Inverse Calibration of Six Layer Flow Model for Texas - New Mexico water rights litigation.

Saturated - Unsaturated Transient Flow and Transport Model, West Texas Chemical Plant.

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