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Neil J. Babb, B.S., G.I.T.


Mr. Babb joined Hydro Geo Chem, Inc., in 2006 as a Staff Geologist II and has over ten years professional experience in the geologic and environmental fields. He has been involved with projects ranging from: operation and maintenance of soil vapor extraction and groundwater pump and treat systems; groundwater and soil vapor monitoring well installations and development; aquifer and SVE pilot testing; environmental sampling (groundwater, soil, soil-gas and landfill-gas); UST removals; CQA oversight for landfill closure and new cell construction; and Phase I and II environmental site assessments. Responsibilities include: field and systems data collection; computer data entry; proficient use of remedial software programs Rocklink 800 and Sensaphone Cell 682 to assist with remote monitoring of SVE and GW-systems; field management of drilling and construction subcontractors; field supervision and training of co-workers in remedial systems O&M and sampling techniques; modifications and repairs to piping and fittings (HDPE, PVC, and galvanized) on remedial systems; use of manual and electrical field instruments and equipment; site health and safety monitoring; review of project documents; lithologic logging; aquifer testing; report preparation and writing for final reviews; strenuous physical work requiring heavy lifting.


-B.S. (Geology) Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan, 2005
Field Geology Program, University of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri, 2004


Geologist-In-Training, Arizona Certificate No. 10396, 2007
Certified Construction Quality Assurance (CQA) Inspector (Geosynthetic Materials and Compacted Clay Liner), No. 137-06, 2006
S.C.E.D.S Competent Person Trench Excavation Safety, No. AZCPT0203, 2013
OSHA 40-Hour HAZWOPPER with Annual Refreshers, 2006
MSHA 24-Hour Surface Mining with Annual Refreshers, 2005
American Red Cross First Aid-CPR/AED-Adult Certification with Annual Refresher, 2009

Representative Experience

• Field Technician/Geologist II, Soil Vapor Extraction and Groundwater Pump and Treat Systems Operation; WQARF Sites (Central and Camelback and Cooper and Commerce) in Phoenix and Gilbert, Arizona: Responsible for the operation and maintenance of the liquid and vapor granular activated carbon filtration SVE and GW-Treatment systems. Required duties include monitoring and recording systems data; systems maintenance and repairs, modifications and adjustments, and instrumentation and controls trouble-shooting; and environmental sampling. Additional duties include field management of co-workers for systems O&M and samplings, and CQA oversight of subcontractors for well installations, developments, and systems expansions; conducting aquifer and SVE pilot tests; reviewing project documents; maintaining detailed field logs; preparing documentation and writing reports for final review.

Field Technician/Geologist II, SVE/AS System Operation and Monitoring Well installations; West Sky Harbor Airport, Phoenix, Arizona: Responsible for assisting with the operation and maintenance of the thermo-catalytic SVE/AS system. Required duties included maintaining airport security badge clearance with air-side driving and escort privileges; monitoring and recording system data; environmental sampling (groundwater and soil-gas); conducting field tests (shut-in, nutrient addition, and dissolved oxygen); preventative maintenance, repairing piping and components, and basic electrical wiring and controls trouble-shooting. Additional duties included field oversight for groundwater monitoring well installations and developments, reviewing project documents, and maintaining detailed logs of site activities.

Staff/Field Geologist II, ADEQ UST Removals; rural Gila County, Safford, and Solomon, Arizona: Required duties included the field oversight of subcontractors to excavate, expose , inert, and remove the USTs from selected sites; site health and safety; obtaining soil samples; and maintaining descriptive field documentation (notes, diagrams, and photographs) of all activities that occurred at the sites.

Staff/Field Geologist II, Groundwater Well Installation, Development, and Sampling; 7th Street & Missouri Avenue Preliminary Investigation Site in Phoenix, Arizona: Responsible for the field oversight of three groundwater monitoring well installations and well developments. Duties included obtaining Simul-Probe summa samples at discrete intervals during the drilling processes; lithologic logging of the borings; CQA oversight of subcontractors during the well installations; field management of co-worker during the well development processes; obtaining groundwater and soil-vapor samples; maintaining detailed field logs.

Project/Field Geologist II, Well Installation and Development; Washoe County Dept. of Water Resources, Nevada: Responsible for the installation and removal of preliminary passive soil-gas samplers used to assist with the locations of the eight GW-monitoring wells, and for the field oversight during the installations and developments. Duties included review of project documents; site health and safety; litholgic logging of borings; CQA during well constructions; environmental sampling (depth discrete groundwater, well development, and IDW); maintaining detailed field logs. Additional duties included preparing a Time & Materials spreadsheet from the field logs for verifying the project’s billing quantities submitted by the subcontractor.

Project/Field Geologist II, Well Development, and Aquifer Testing; Green Valley and Bisbee, Arizona: Responsible for the development processes involved with newly constructed groundwater monitoring wells and aquifer testing. Duties included site health and safety and oversight of subcontractors; monitoring and recording well development parameters during developments using electrical and manual field equipment; verifying flow-rates and quantities discharged; obtaining water quality samples; setting up and conducting step-drawdown aquifer tests upon completion of the well developments. Additional duties included data collection and entry; sample handling and shipment; and maintaining detailed and accurate field logs.

Project/Field Geologist II, Industrial Facility Sampling; Kent, Washington: Responsible for semi-annual groundwater monitoring and sampling at industrial facility. Duties included reviewing site documents; ordering field equipment and lab bottle order shipments; obtaining surface and groundwater samples; sample handling and shipment; maintaining detailed field logs and data sheets.

CQA, Municipal Landfill Closure; Chandler, Arizona: Duties included pre-closure assistance with field modifications and repairs to landfill gas system using McElroy welding and Fria-mat thermo-coupler fuse technology; calculating elevation data obtained from site maps and diagrams and used surveying equipment to base the required adjustments from; established soil testing locations in accordance with project specifications for obtaining density/compaction and moisture-content tests for the final cover; provided construction quality assurance (CQA) inspection to the contractor during installation of the final soil-only cover; participated in weekly construction meetings and presented data documented in the field; maintained detailed and accurate logs of all field activities; prepared Construction Documentation Report for final review.

CQA, New Cell Construction; Yuma, Arizona: Duties included analyses of project documents, site maps, and diagrams; established soil testing locations in accordance with project specifications for obtaining density/compaction and moisture-content tests for the sub-grade and operations layer of new cell; provided construction quality assurance (CQA) inspection to the contractor for verification of the conformance testing of the geo-synthetic materials used; conducted health and safety briefings; maintained detailed and accurate logs of all field activities; prepared Construction Documentation Report for final review.

Staff/Field Geologist II, Regional Landfill Sampling; Yuma, Surprise, Phoenix, & Joseph City, Arizona: Responsible for collecting landfill-gas samples, duties included review of project documents; obtaining background level soil and soil-gas samples for new cell construction; conducting Tier II landfill-gas sampling on pre-existing landfill cell; collected geo-technical soil sampling to characterize former seepage waste area; installation of landfill-gas monitoring probes; maintained detailed and accurate logs of all field activities; report preparation.

Staff Geologist II, Environmental Site Assessments; Various locations in Arizona: Responsible for conducting Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments. Duties include data collection of a site’s: historical documentation; analysis and interpretation of topographic, geologic, and hydrologic maps; analysis of aerial photography; conducting site-owner and local agency interviews; obtaining and reviewing regulatory and prior site specific reports; conducting on-site reconnaissance/investigations; prepare reports in their entirety for final review.

Field Geologist, Claim Staking; Rural Northern Nevada: Responsible for locating and staking land claims in rugged mountain terrain. Duties included the use of topographic maps, GPS-units, and off-road vehicles along with extensive back-country hiking to physically secure the designated land claims in accordance with the laws.

Field Geologist, Superfund Site; Southwest Michigan: Responsible for collecting river water and sediment samples. Duties included reviewing documents and maps along with GPS-units to identify sample locales; use of field equipment; sample handling and shipment; extraction of river-bed cores for determining sediment transport characteristics; maintaining detailed and accurate logs of all field activities.


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