Underground Storage Tanks (UST)


LUST Site Management

Hydro Geo Chem, Inc. is experienced in coordinating and managing the closure of underground storage tank (UST) systems for facilities ranging from small stations to large industrial locations. Our staff has expertise with the requirements of federal, state, and local regulations governing underground storage tanks, leaking USTs, and available state reimbursement funds to clean up leaking underground storage tank sites. We work with certified subcontractors to perform removal or in-place closure of UST systems and handle all necessary sampling to determine if a release has occurred. We understand that every job is unique and needs an environmental firm with extensive experience in UST removal procedures in order to handle every possible scenario.

ST Services include:

• Local and State UST Registration requirements
• Subsurface Geophysical Surveying to assess for the presence of buried tanks
• Release reporting requirements
• LUST Regulatory Reporting requirements
• Soil and groundwater contaminant delineation
• Free Product Investigation and Recovery Design
• Site Characterization and Investigatory Work Plans
• Feasibility Studies
• Corrective Action Work Plans and Implementation
• Final Release Closure Documentation, including generic and site-specific Risk Based Closures
• State Fund reimbursement assistance
• UST Upgrading requirements
• State and Federal Financial Assurance requirements, including Private Insurances

Releases from UST systems are common in the industry. Hydro Geo Chem, Inc. has extensive experience dealing with LUST sites, including investigation and on-site and off-site delineation of subsurface contamination, hydrogeologic characterization and remediation of petroleum contamination in the subsurface. Sampling techniques are conducted in accordance with industry standards and State requirements. Subcontracted services such as drilling and laboratory services are performed by licensed and accredited subcontractors. Hydro Geo Chem is experienced with the evaluation of a variety of remedial technology alternatives, determining the most cost and time effective alternative, preparation of remedial action plan, design and implementation of the selected remedial alternative.

Services for Successful Remedial Technology Evaluation and Implementation include:

• Site Characterization and Data Evaluation
• Remediation Technology Evaluation
• Risk Assessments
• Monitored Natural Attenuation Programs
• Pilot Tests
• Feasibility Studies
• Remedial Action Plan (RAP)/Corrective Action Plan (CAP) Preparation
• Remediation System Design
• Engineering Plans and Drawings
• Bid Specifications and Contractor Selection
• Installation of Remediation Systems
• Construction Oversight and Documentation
• Free Product Recovery
• Vapor Barriers/Liners/Recovery
• Extraction, Injections, Sparging, Recovery
• Operations and Maintenance (O & M)
• Monitoring and Performance Reporting
• Remediation System Recycling, Reuse, Abandonment


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