Hydro Geo Chem, Inc. (HGC) has provided high-quality, award winning environmental services to both the public and private sector. We have experience on a variety of solid waste issues throughout the United States. Working with numerous solid waste industry clients and regulators, we have applied innovative technologies such as aerobic stabilization of landfill waste; soil vapor extraction (SVE) and air injection (AI) to remove chlorinated hydrocarbon sources from deep vadose zones beneath unlined landfills; and pump-and-treat bio-enhancement technologies for contaminated groundwater plume containment and cleanup. HGC’s Landfill Technology Group specializes in servicing the needs of the solid waste industry, with an emphasis on creative and technically-sound solutions to challenging solid waste engineering problems. Our background and scope of solid waste services offered include:

Measuring Landfill Gas Generation
Design of Landfill Gas Collection Systems
Reduction of Landfill Greenhouse Gases
Aerobic and Anaerobic Bioreactor Engineering
Design of Landfill Lining and Final Cover Systems
Construction Management
Landfill Remediation Services
Charaterization of Soils and Groundwater Contamination



HGC’s Landfill Technology Group is nationally recognized for its expertise in applying advanced hydrologic and geochemical techniques to the solution of landfill-related engineering problems. Over the last 35 years, HGC has developed a philosophy for environmental management that has minimized our client’s liabilities and saved them millions of dollars. This philosophy has been successfully adopted by our Landfill Technology Group in problems involving the management of landfill gas, contamination, and landfill bioreactors.

James Peck, P.E. Mr. Peck has over 30 years of experience as a civil engineer serving the solid waste industry regarding the design, permitting, and construction of environmental protection systems at solid waste facilities.  He serves on the Board of Directors of the Arizona Chapter of the Solid Waste Association of North America as the Legislative Liaison and Corporate Director.  He is the Project Manager and lead Design Engineer for landfill facilities in Cochise, Gila, Greenlee, and Yuma Counties in Arizona.  He is a licensed civil engineer in 8 states, including Arizona, California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, New Mexico, and Washington.

Stewart Smith, M.S. Mr. Smith joined Hydro Geo Chem, Inc. in 1989 as a Hydrogeologist. Mr. Smith performs numerical modeling of baro-pneumatic data for estimating landfill gas generation at landfill facilities as well as the performance of gas collection systems at the conceptual design level.


Warren Thompson, R.G. Mr. Thompson manages construction and installation of remedial systems for HGC's landfill projects. He has installed more than 10 large scale SVE systems with capabilities ranging from 50 to 2,000 scfm and 3 groundwater pump-and-treat systems used to remediate VOC contamination beneath landfills.




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