Landfill Remediation Services

Old or improperly managed landfills can pollute groundwater sources through the discharge of leachate or landfill gas. Federal regulations require active landfills to monitor for groundwater contamination and off site gas migration, and to implement contingency measures if such conditions are identified.

HGC has extensive experience in remediating contamination from landfills, particularly groundwater contamination from landfill gas and migration of methane to surrounding soils. Whenever contaminants are carried by advective gas transport, the appropriate cleanup approach is to control subsurface gas flow. The control of subsurface gas is a complex problem in the vicinity of an anaerobic, gas producing landfill. HGC has successfully designed, engineered, and constructed a number of SVE systems to collect volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from soils underlying landfills, with particular emphasis on unlined landfills in the arid southwest.

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