Measuring Landfill Gas Generation

Hydro Geo Chem is an industry leader for measuring landfill gas (LFG) production rates using the state-of-the-art baro-pneumatic method. The baro-pneumatic method estimates LFG production by analyzing pressure responses in a landfill to natural variations in atmospheric pressure. The end result is a site-specific model that describes gas generation and engineering properties in three dimensions throughout the landfill and an estimate of future gas generation based on actual gas generation criteria at a particular site.

The method, based on sound gas-flow principles, uses probes to monitor the pressure distribution within a landfill. As changes in barometric pressure at the landfill surface propagate through the landfill materials, the pressure is attenuated and retarded with depth as a function of the gas permeability and gas porosity. Subsurface gas pressures depend on gas generation rate and gas permeability. By calibrating a numerical simulation, the LFG generation rate, gas permeability of the refuse and cover, and the associated effective porosities can be accurately estimated.

The baro-pneumatic method is more accurate and more cost effective than conventional methods of measuring LFG generation. The method has been effectively applied in a range of conditions, from large regional landfills in tropical conditions to small, rural sites in semi-arid conditions.

Whether for regulatory compliance, migration control, estimating the LFG resource, sizing a combustion flare, or designing a gas to energy system, HGC provides the best approach for accurate and cost effective LFG generation estimates.

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