Mark J. O'Boyle, M.B.A.
Field and Database Technician


Mr. O’Boyle joined Hydro Geo Chem, Inc. in 2001 as a field and database technician. Responsibilities have included conducting operation and maintenance of remedial systems; groundwater, soil and soil vapor sampling; and environmental field studies. Additional responsibilities have included system administration and data management.




-M.B.A. (Management Information Systems) Grand Canyon University, 2010
-B.A. (Psychology) University of Arizona, 2007

-40 Hour OSHA Hazardous Waste Operation and Emergency Response Training
-MSHA Certified Mine Safety Training

Representative Experience

• Field Technician, Soil Vapor Extraction and Groundwater Pump and Treat Systems Operation; WQARF Sites (Central and Camelback and Cooper and Commerce) in Phoenix and Gilbert, Arizona: Required duties include monitoring and recording systems data; conducting remedial systems maintenance, repairs, modifications/adjustments, and instrumentation and controls trouble-shooting; environmental soil vapor sampling and groundwater sampling in accordance with the permit requirements; conducting systems performance tests for the SVE systems in accordance with the required permitting regulations. Additional duties include personal interaction with State project managers; maintaining detailed field and systems operations logs.

• Field Technician, 7th Street & Missouri Avenue Preliminary WQARF Investigation Site in Phoenix, Arizona: Duties included obtaining groundwater and soil vapor samples; maintaining detailed field logs. Additional duties include annual groundwater sampling of the monitoring wells along with several other wells in the vicinity of the area; setting up traffic control for three of the associated wells that are directly in the roadways of 7th St and Missouri Avenue so that the samples are able to be obtained with traffic still moving on the roads.

• Field Technician, 7th & Arizona Ave, Soil Vapor, Groundwater, and LNAPL Monitoring, Tucson, Arizona: Performed groundwater, soil vapor, and LNAPL sampling. Recorded pertinent purge parameters prior to sampling. Performed data collection and compilation for Land Use and Risk Assessment report preparation.

• Field Technician, MEK Release SVE Remediation and Field Investigation, Casa Grande, Arizona: soil vapor data and sample collection, groundwater sampling and O&M for a thermal-catalytic oxidizer system during SVE remediation of an MEK release. Preparation and setup of a soil vapor extraction apparatus for a short-term pump test. Collection of pertinent field readings and soil vapor samples as part of a preliminary remedial investigation to determine the extent of vadose soils contamination for evaluation of treatment options.

• Field Technician, Los Angeles Landfill in Albuquerque, New Mexico: Conducted soil vapor extraction and pumping tests at the Los Angeles Landfill in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Responsibilities included setup of tubing connectors, DAS system, monitoring data collection, and data interpretation.

• Conducted soil vapor extraction/air injection operation and maintenance, groundwater sampling, and maintenance services for the Broadway Landfill, Silverbell Landfill, and Rio Nuevo Landfill. This included oil/grease change, belt maintenance, system cleanup, landfill gas monitoring, and equipment calibration for a photoionization detector, Landtec, pH meter, and conductivity meter.

• Conducted soil vapor extraction and baronumatic tests at two landfills in Cairo, Egypt. Responsibilities included programming and installation of In-Situ barotrolls and level trolls, equipment setup, monitoring data collection, and data interpretation.

• Conducted a landfill gas generation survey at St. Landry Landfill in Louisiana. Responsibilities included setup of probe locations, valves, tubing, DAS system, and monitoring of data collection.

• Data management for West Sky Harbor project and Pinal Creek Group utilizing Microsoft Access. Responsibilities also included surface and groundwater submittals to Arizona Department of Environmental Quality.

• Conducted groundwater sampling of 15 offsite wells for metals and other constituents for the Pinal Creek Group. Responsible for purging pumping and sampling wells, and entering field data into a handheld computer for daily download into a computerized database.

• Field Technician, Harrison Road Landfill, Tucson, Arizona: Conducted and was responsible for operation and maintenance of the Harrison Landfill pump-and-treat system, including groundwater sampling, carbon changeout, water level measurements, benzoate mixing and injection, field parameter monitoring, pump maintenance, and 24-hour on-call services for this system.

• Conducted groundwater sampling at 5 ADEQ sites in the Phoenix area. Responsible for purging, pumping, and sampling wells; recording field parameters; and database entry of lab data.

• Conducted slug testing at a mine site in Blanding, Utah. Responsibilities included construction of slugs, deployment, data acquisition, and data file conversion.

• Field Technician, Preliminary Investigative Groundwater Sampling, WCP-NCP WQARF Site; Phoenix, Arizona: Duties included oversight of the developments of the existing groundwater wells involved with the site area, containment and disposal of development water; established sampling schedule and preparing equipment and obtaining groundwater samples using low-flow bladder pump; monitored and recorded water quality parameters; maintained detailed field logs.

• Responsible for a user network including setup and installation of WAN connection to an outside office, implementing Linux servers, and UNIX, Linux, and Windows workstations. Provides complete technical computer support for two offices simultaneously.


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