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Regulatory Interest

Accounting for Environmental Remediation Liabilities
Chemical Incompatibility of DNAPLs with Bentonite Structures
EPA Proposes Revisions to Total Maximum Daily Load Regulations
MTBE in Groundwater: Physical Properties and Regulatory Outlook

RCRA Update in the Pipeline

When is an Above-ground Tank NOT an Above-ground Tank?

Remedial Technologies

Acid Rock Drainage: Challenge for Mining

Active Management of Landfill Moisture and Oxygen to Enhance Waste Degradation
An Approach for Designing Earthen Covers
Applying Geochemical Methods to Remediate Chromium Contamination
Efficiency of Air Sparging Trenches

Evaluating the Effective Zone for an Air Sparging System
Improved Measurement and Collection of Landfill Gas and Non-Methane Organic Compounds
Limitations of Hydraulic Containment for Plume Management
Transport Mechanisms and Remediation of CVOC Contaminated Soils Beneath Desert Landfills
Water Quality Dynamics of Pit Lakes


Symposium Held on the Settlement of Indian Water Rights

People, Places, and Articles of Interest

Lake Worth Forum Article, September 13, 2005
HGC Professional Named BTI "A-TEAM" Performer
Measuring Spring Discharge from Arizona's Largest Aquifer


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