Phase I/Phase II
Environmental Site Assessments


Hydro Geo Chem performs Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) that meet the industry standard for environmental due diligence services for acquisitions and financing of commercial and industrial real estate and related consulting services. Environmental assessments associated with these transactions often reveal recognized environmental conditions (RECs) that require follow-up and documented resolution. Our professionals follow the due diligence process from inception through completion, and when RECs are encountered can identify a path that leads to a satisfactory outcome for all parties involved within the due diligence timeframe.

Phase I ESAs are conducted in accordance with ASTM E1527-13 and satisfy the Federal All Appropriate Inquiries rule in 40 CFR 312 to satisfy the requirements of Section 107(a)(1) of CERCLA. The site visit, and other major portions of the Phase I ESA are conducted by experienced Environmental Professionals. Our senior professionals have a history of ESA projects involving successful real estate acquisitions and redevelopment in nearly every state and metropolitan area in the western United States. Our professionals are familiar with local conditions and regulatory settings in these markets, for projects ranging from transactional screening assessments to complete Phase I ESAs, and where necessary Phase II and Phase III responses to findings. Hydro Geo Chem’s professionals are also remediation and risk assessment experts, with extensive experience from the design phase to implementation and completion of remedial and corrective actions. Where applicable, risk assessment and site-specific administrative controls can be recommended, saving the client both time and money.

Hydro Geo Chem’s client experience includes real estate investors taking equity positions in national and international projects; banks and other mortgage lenders; multi-family and single-family subdivision developers; and more. In many instances work for our clients includes portfolios of properties. For each project, our objective is to identify the specific requirements of the project and match them with an appropriate scope of investigation, and to then conduct additional assessment to remediation/regulatory closure, as necessary, in a timely manner. Through our experience working on projects funded by EPA Brownfields grants, Hydro Geo Chem has the ability to understand brownfields transactions from not only a technical standpoint but also from land-development and regulatory perspectives. We provide Phase I ESAs for Brownfields projects, and when Phase II ESAs are recommended we also provide Sampling and Analysis Plans (SAPs) and other required documents prior to initiating Phase II/III activities.

Phase I ESA projects frequently include additional services specific to the type of asset and interests of the client, such as requests for the investigation of the presence of asbestos. Hydro Geo Chem’s staff also includes EPA-certified asbestos building inspectors who have extensive experience to conduct limited transactional asbestos surveys and complete demolition asbestos surveys. Other common additions to the due diligence scope of work conducted by Hydro Geo Chem can include research and testing for radon, mold, and vapor intrusion issues.

Our ESA Services

Hydro Geo Chem offers an array of real estate environmental due diligence and related consulting services. The list below outlines the typical environmental assessment activities that Hydro Geo Chem performs for their clients:

Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (Phase I ESA)

• Standard Phase I ESAs following ASTM E1527-13, including any client-specific additions
• Transaction Screening Assessments following ASTM E1528-14
• Tier 1/Tier 2 Vapor Encroachment Screening Assessments following ASTM E2600-10
• Asbestos surveys (transactional surveys to full demolition surveys)
• Regulatory file review, and review of existing environmental documents and reports
• Deliverables to satisfy Small Business Administration (SBA) procedures & policies
• HUD Form 4128 reports and related supplements
• Natural/cultural resources screening (management of partner)
• Mold/moisture surveys
• Lead-based paint (LBP) surveys (management of partner)
• Radon screening

Phase II Environmental Site Assessment

• Soil sampling and analysis (surface sampling to deep soil borings)
• Groundwater sampling and analysis
• Soil gas sampling and analysis (rapid screening to fixed monitoring points)
• Indoor vapor intrusion assessments (rapid screening to fixed monitoring points)
• Dry cleaner sub-slab vapor investigations (rapid screening to fixed monitoring points)
• Indoor air quality for human comfort (typically associated with mold or moisture)
• Waste characterization and management (hazardous, non-hazardous, asbestos)
• Regulatory interaction and document submittal

Phase III Remediation/Corrective Action

• Removal by excavation (“dig and haul,” etc.)
• In Situ or Ex Situ Treatment (air sparge - vapor extraction, biological or abiotic chemical destruction, biological land treatment, chemical oxidation/stabilization, etc.)
• Waste characterization and management (hazardous, non-hazardous, asbestos)
• Risk-based corrective actions (RBCA) – alternatives to “remediation”
• Establishment of Physical Barriers (i.e., soil cover, pavements, buildings, vapor barriers, sub-slab depressurization systems)

Other Associated Consulting Services

• Environmental regulatory compliance assessments
• Operations and Maintenance (O&M) programs
• Arizona/National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (AZPDES/NPDES) permitting
• Litigation support/expert witness testimony
• Environmental forensics
• Insurance claim evaluations
• Hazardous waste permitting and operational support

Whether stand-alone services or multiple services integrated into a single turnkey project are selected, Hydro Geo Chem provides a single point of contact to quickly and efficiently complete the project and meet the client’s objectives.


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