Warren A. Thompson, R.G.
Geologist/Construction Manager


Mr. Thompson is a field geologist and construction manager with over 35 years of experience. As a field geologist and construction manager he is responsible for construction, installation, and monitoring of groundwater, contaminated soils and landfill gas remediation systems; field oversight of groundwater monitoring and extraction well installations; lithologic logging; data collection and interpretation; site evaluation; field screening through the sampling of soils, water and soil gas; maintaining field records and log books; obtaining required permits, and final report preparation. Installation of remedial equipment; and all support work for successful continuous operation of soil and groundwater remedial systems. Mr. Thompson provides technical training for field technicians to successfully transition in the takeover of operation and maintenance of various remedial systems. Based on his experience, Mr. Thompson meets the definition of an Environmental Professional as defined on 40 CFR 312.1 (b).


- Graduate level course work toward M.S. degree in Hydrology, University of Arizona
- B.S. (Geology, Math) University of Puget Sound, 1983


- Registered Professional Geologist (Geology), Arizona Registration Number 50536
- Commercial Contractor’s License (Class AE, Cleanup of Contaminated Groundwater and Soil), Arizona Registration Number 114979
Commercial Contractor’s License (Class A, General Commercial Engineering), ROC# 218121A
- Construction Industries Division, New Mexico License Number 386395
- OSHA 40-Hr Health and Safety Training for Hazardous Waste Operations with Annual Refreshers, 1990
- OSHA Construction Safety & Health, 2009
- MSHA New Miner Training with Annual Refreshers, 2003
- Certified HDPE Fusion Welder, 2005

- GSI Certified CQA Geosynthetic Materials and Compacted Clay Liner Inspector, 2017

Representative Experience

• Project Geologist and Construction Manager for the installation of a soil vapor air sparging treatment system using a thermal oxidizer for off gas treatment for an ADEQ WQARF site in South Tucson to address contamination caused by a leaking underground leaded gasoline storage tank. Project involved obtaining all permits and licenses for construction and operation of the remedial system. Construction involved installing an air sparge and soil vapor extraction well array over an impacted area of about 5-acres. Work included trenching, with road crossings, piping, gas and electrical connections to the treatment equipment. Additionally set up remote telecommunication system for remote system control and system performance monitoring. Preconstruction work involved performing baropneumatic tests on teat wells to evaluate vertical and horizontal permeabilities.

• Project Geologist and Construction Manager, SVE System Installation, Operations and Maintenance Manager, ADEQ WQARF site in Tucson Arizona. Installed soil vapor extraction well, groundwater monitoring wells and air sparging test wells. Performed baropneumatic tests to evaluate vertical and horizontal soil permeability. Installed an SVE system including all trenching, piping, blower system, and treatment canister plumbing. Installed electrical control circuitry and condensate management system. Performed startup and shakedown of the system and provided three years of O&M service including complete system trouble shooting diagnostics and repair as well as all regulatory compliance sampling.

• Field construction manager for installation of a $250,000 vacuum-enhanced liquid-phase hydrocarbon recovery system. Made value engineering modifications to original design to better suit client needs, and configured and programming an automatic electrical relay system for cyclic operation of well field quadrants. Oversaw and performed the construction work including trenching and backfilling, below- and aboveground piping, wellhead installation, pressure testing, natural gas line installation, electrical wiring, carbon vessel installation, steel pipe welding, oil/water separator installation, groundwater pump installation and plumbing, paving, surveying, system startup training, and as-built drawing and operation and maintenance manual completion.

• Construction and engineering oversight for a large scale ground water treatment plant in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Supervised installation of dual completion soil vapor extraction, injection wells, and process piping. Conducted geologic logging of bore holes and pump testing of groundwater extraction wells. Supervised the installation of a ground water air stripping and soil vapor extraction systems, including management, in-field value engineering changes, equipment testing, trouble shooting, including electrical modifications. Installed electrical and mechanical system controls. Following installation responsibilities included field superintendent for all operation and maintenance activities, monitoring, injection well rehabilitation, sampling and analysis.

• Provided construction oversight of a ground water and soils remediation system at the West Sky Harbor Fueling Facility. Construction included installation of a 1200 SCFM air injection system, a 1400 SCFM thermal/catalytic oxidizer, and a 6,000 gallon groundwater injection system. Work included value engineering modifications to optimize system performance, design and installation of electronic system controls, system testing and trouble shooting. Following installation was responsible for oversight of all operation and maintenance operations and production of O&M manual.

• Construction manager for a landfill gas control system at Priest Rio Salado Landfill in Tempe, Arizona. Construction work included installation of blower, pipe, electrical, valves, wiring, plumbing, mechanical testing, and overseeing trenching and subcontractors.

• Construction manager for the installation of four soil vapor extraction and air injection systems in landfills and two bioreactors in the Tucson area (over $1,000,000). The construction included instrumentation and electrical hookups, piping, trenching, installation of equipment foundation, well installations, and supervision of system startup and operation and maintenance. Mr. Thompson has also installed groundwater pump-and-treat injection systems in California and Tucson.

• Design and installation of a solar powered soil vapor extraction remediation system for VOC contamination at a closed hazardous waste landfill in Pinal County, Arizona.

• Operation and maintenance of a groundwater and soil remediation system for Shell/Texaco Oil Company at a site located in Phoenix, Arizona. Project included groundwater sparging, soil vapor extraction, thermal oxidation, groundwater monitoring, vapor sampling, and reporting

• On-site field manager for a remediation feasibility study at a Superfund site in Cincinnati, Ohio. This study involved coordinating drill crew activities with on-site personnel; installation of numerous monitor wells; continuous core sampling; interpretation of lithological data; extensive water, soil, and soil gas sampling; coordinating on-site lab activities with field activities; installation and monitoring of soil vapor extraction and scrubber equipment; construction and installation of inert gas and chemical tracer testing equipment; extensive use of field air quality detection equipment; ensuring that health and safety procedures and guidelines were being followed by on-site personnel; and ensuring that project guidelines, as set forth in the work plan, were carried out accordingly.

• Bioremediation/soil vapor extraction feasibility study at a Superfund site of a major synthetic fiber manufacturing facility in Texas. Investigation involved construction and installation of soil vapor extraction/air injection equipment, well installation, installation of computer based data acquisition system to continually monitor extensive grid work of on-site probes, equipment maintenance, monitoring, and implementation of intensive soil gas sampling regime.

• Construction, installation, and monitoring of soil vapor extraction equipment at an Arizona Public Power Supply facility in Phoenix, Arizona.

• Installation and monitoring of sparging and soil vapor extraction equipment during a remediation pilot study of petroleum based hydrocarbon contaminated soils and perched water zones as part of a remediation feasibility study for a major oil company at a site located in Phoenix, Arizona.

• Installation, maintenance, and continuous monitoring of soil gas monitor wells at several active and inactive City of Tucson public landfills. Work also includes operation and maintenance of several large-scale methane extraction and thermal combustion units.

• Assisted in the construction and installation of a soil vapor extraction well field and trenched piping system at the former site of a major electronics firm in Los Angeles, California. Work included the installation and calibration of soil vapor extraction equipment, as well as training field personnel to operate and maintain equipment.

• Field manager for petroleum based soil and water contamination investigation for a major oil pipe line company at a transfer station facility located in Tivoli, Texas. Activities involved extensive water, soil, and soil gas sampling; coordinating field activities with on-site lab activity; and data interpretation in defining aerial and vertical extent of contamination.

• Managed construction and installation for 10 large scale SVE systems with capabilities ranging from 50 to 2,000 scfm and 3 groundwater pump-and-treat systems used for treatment of VOC-contaminated groundwater beneath landfills.

• Managed installation of Vapor-Enhanced Liquid-Phase Hydrocarbon Recovery System at hydrocarbon-contaminated former fueling station.

• Constructed pilot air sparging system for hydrocarbon remediation at a tank farm in Venezuela. Made recommendations for installation and construction of 800-meter long segmented air sparging trench and assisted in procuring mechanical parts and supplies to facilitate construction.

• On-site field manager for drilling, construction, and development of more than 50 SVE, groundwater monitoring, GPR monitoring, and air extraction wells for pilot-scale study conducted as part of the Rio Nuevo Landfill Stabilization Project.

• Installed and monitored sparging and soil vapor extraction equipment for a remediation pilot study of petroleum based hydrocarbon contaminated soils and perched water zones at a major oil company site in Arizona.

• Field geologist for over 80 soil gas surveys across the United States. Installed soil gas probes and water monitoring wells, and conducted lithological soil boring investigations as well as intensive soil, water, and soil gas sampling.

• Maintains on-site remedial systems including electrical, mechanical, and plumbing.

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