Bryan J. Travis, Ph.D.
Senior Modeler


BTravisMr. Travis has over 40 years of experience working in various areas of computational physics. His areas of experience include multiphase flow and transport in porous media, inverse problems, sensitivity analysis applied to transport in porous media, cellular automata models of porous flow, in situ bioremediation modeling, acid mine drainage, numerical modeling of hydrothermal circulation associated with mid‑ocean ridges, convection under permafrost, mantle thermal convection, multi-component gas and heat flow for landfills, natural and controlled source electromagnetic sensing of geologic structures, rad/hydro with optical signatures, neural networks and computational neurobiology. Mr. Travis is Author/co‑author of more than 100 refereed papers and technical reports.



-Ph.D. (Applied Mathematics) Florida State University, 1974
-M.S. equiv. (Medical Science) University of New Mexico, 1978-1984
-B.A. (Mathematics) University of Alabama, 1968

Relevant Experience Includes:

• Numerical modeling of saturated/unsaturated transport of PCE a site in Phoenix, Arizona. Three dimensional numerical simulations were conducted to predict the transport of PCE through the vadose zone and into the groundwater, and to evaluate the efficiency of potential treatment via AS and SVE.

• Numerical simulations in support of an experimental landfill site, under both aerobic and anaerobic operating conditions. The goal of this two-dimensional and three-dimensional modeling effort is to provide the ability to use gas composition data to control temperature in a landfill by optimizing the flow of air and moisture.

• Numerical simulations to evaluate design of biosparging and bioventing systems for cleanup of soils and groundwater impacted by liquid phase petroleum hydrocarbons an airport site in Phoenix, Arizona. Work has included use of numerical models to interpret field and preliminary pilot test data, and to evaluate a design for a full-scale site bioventing system, and to evaluate a design for a large scale biosparging test system for the site. The design is being evaluated in terms of projected air circulation and accompanying oxygen delivery and microbial activity.

• Development of a three-dimensional numerical simulator for multi-component, two-phase, non-isothermal, chemically or biologically reactive flow and transport in porous media, coupled to optimization software. Resulted in an improved, much faster version of TRACR3D (which he also developed), intended for a wide range of hydrological and environmental applications.

Numerical modeling for a petroleum fuel spill at a site in California. Three dimensional numerical simulations were conducted to compare predicted movement of the fuel oil through the unsaturated zone to the water table, against field measurements, and to design an in situ bioremediation system.

Development of a multi-species in situ bioremediation model to evaluate co-metabolic degradation of TCE in the unsaturated zone as well as below the water table, at the Savannah River site.

Work associations prior to HGC have included the Earth and Environmental Sciences Division at Los Alamos National Laboratory, as well as Boeing Aerospace Co.

Consultant to Union Oil of California.

Consultant to Hydro Geo Chem, before joining the HGC staff.


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